Date: 30th April
Time: 1pm
Format: Zoom webinar

Webinar: John Moffatt talks with Fourthline, looking at the duty of care insurers have to customers when managing Covid-19 related claims

The current crisis can be a PR minefield for insurers. John will be talking with Fourthline, discussing how effective Insurance firms are at processing claims related to COVID-19 and giving general advice from a compliance perspective. With a lot of customers contacting their insurance provider trying to claim because of Covid-19, customers are experiencing varying levels of treatment. Some insurers are handling claims well and others less so. John will look at the implications.

Firms that treat their customers fairly now may see that they are rewarded in the future. For firms that get it wrong, this could become a PR nightmare. We are already seeing some examples of the media reacting to one side of a story

Join John and Fourthline for this webinar, delivered via Zoom. Register now using the link below.



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