ICSR Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Policy brief & purpose

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) company policy refers to our responsibility toward our environment and the ability we have to help ensure that consumers and organisations that interact with the businesses we advise are protected from the risk of financial harm.

Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility – An Overview

Our objective is to help our clients implement operational compliance, risk & governance policies and change programs that position them as good corporate citizens, enhancing the reputation of their own businesses and the wider insurance industry.

The advice we provide and the work we do will always be carried out with the clear objective of ensuring adherence to the letter and spirit of any regulation upon which we are offering advice, training or support.

We value the role the insurance community plays in helping protect consumers and businesses with the roles they play in society. We will always act in a way that helps our clients ensure their customers can go about life and work with the confidence that they will not come to any harm from which the regulators seek to protect them.

We will only engage with suppliers and customers that share our values and will take appropriate action to ensure the cessation of any practices we discover which are not in line with the behaviour expected by those with responsibility for regulating and overseeing our industry.

We are committed to ensuring diversity and inclusivity within our own business and the talent pool members who work with us.


This policy applies to our company and the way it works with its suppliers, customers and partners.

Policy elements

We want to be a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We will be guided in everything we do by the following principles.

Our Approach to Business

We will always conduct business with integrity and respect to the rights of every party. We will:

    • Respect the law and the regulations that govern the way we and our clients operate;
    • Always operate in line with our own policies and controls and those of our clients;
    • Keep every client relationship, partnership and collaboration open and transparent, whilst also respecting confidentialities;
    • Be respectful in the way we interact within our team, our talent pool and with our clients and partners;
    • Respect our obligations under all relevant laws including anti-bribery, anti-slavery and anti-corruption practices.

Protecting the environment

Our business is run on the basis of minimising consumption and waste and our team are actively encouraged to follow the same principles.

Protecting our people

We are committed to providing a workplace where people feel safe and valued. Our people are regularly engaged in remote working, whether that be working from home or working from client premises. Both bring with them enhanced obligations to consider the health and safety (including the physical and mental wellbeing) of our people. This responsibility covers our staff and our talent pool when engaged with us. We will ensure that:

    • We never ask our employees or talent pool members to work in a way that puts at risk their health & safety;
    • We actively engage with our staff and talent pool members to embed the ICSR culture and values within the whole team;
    • Our approach to the recruitment of staff and talent pool members and the placement of teams on client engagements will always be carried out without discrimination and in a way that supports diversity and inclusivity;
    • We always promote a positive working culture that rewards engagement and encourages alternative viewpoints;
    • We always encourage our staff and talent pool to speak out about any discrimination or harassment that they encounter.

Charitable Objectives

Our company may support various charitable organisations and make monetary donations where it is considered appropriate to do so. These donations will aim to:

    • Advance the interests of the insurance community including those who have, do or may work within it.
    • Alleviate hardship for those in need, including where those actions may lead to a more diverse and inclusive future workforce within the insurance community.

As a company, we recognise the work done by a range of organisations within the insurance industry to help achieve this and where possible, we will explicitly seek to support the work of such organisations, including but not limited to:


Our company will encourage its employees to volunteer and to undertake activities that may raise funds for charitable organisations. These activities may be organised by ICSR, by clients or partners of ICSR or independently. ICSR may itself make a charitable donation or offer its support for these activities in other non-financial ways where the cause is in line with the Charitable Objectives.


We will actively invest in the development of our people. We encourage a commitment to continuing professional development.

Advisory & Resourcing

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