We don’t offer the pre-made but using our depth of experience we work with our clients to design and deliver frameworks, controls and operating models which meet the client’s needs.

The areas we cover and the services we can offer are detailed further below.

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Our compliance activities span the full range of issues faced by UK regulated insurance firms, and their international subsidiaries and associates from the maintenance of frameworks (including policies and compliance risk registers) through annual planning and day to day advice or support on the following. Read more...

ICSR has considerable practical experience in, and can assist with, various compliance matters such as:

  • Applications for Authorisation, Variation of Permission or Change in Control
  • Preparation for interviews/meetings with the regulators
  • S.166 and Lloyd’s Reviews and remediation
  • Reviews, audits and health checks on all aspects of a Compliance function including resourcing, frameworks and all other activities
  • Development/review of compliance frameworks and operating models
  • M & A Due Diligence on Risk and Compliance and management of functional mergers
  • Selection and implementation of GRC applications
  • Advice on all aspects including annual planning activity, compliance monitoring, compliance reporting, regulatory perimeter guidance, horizon scanning, international licensing, complaints management, financial promotions, ICOBS, GDPR and data protection/privacy. delegated authorities and Appointed Representatives, financial crime frameworks and controls, Insurance Distribution Directive including IPIDs, Senior Manager & Certification Regime (SM&CR), whistleblowing frameworks
  • Compliance training to business, compliance functions and Directors and NEDs
  • Recovery and resolution planning
  • Operational Resilience
  • Co-sourced and outsourced arrangements


We support clients with the development and maintenance of risk frameworks including policies, appetites, key risk indicators and risk registers. We can assist you with annual planning, ORSA delivery, Stress and scenario testing, control effectiveness testing and risk analysis. Read more...

ICSR has considerable practical experience in, and can assist with, various risk management matters such as:

  • Developing Risk management Target Operating Models
  • Risk management framework development and review (Solvency II compliant where necessary)
  • Risk policies and processes development and review
  • Risk appetite thresholds and tolerances
  • Risk reporting frameworks
  • Risk Culture, Conduct Risk and Cyber Risk assessments and implementation of recommendations
  • Development and implementation of KRIs, Emerging Risks and Loss Events frameworks
  • Programme/Project and M&A Risk Management
  • Risk and control registers, development and review
  • Annual risk management activity plan
  • Control effectiveness testing/monitoring
  • Stress and scenario development and testing
  • ORSA frameworks (policy, process, report) preparation and review
  • Solvency II System of Governance reviews
  • Risk management outsourcing full/partial
  • Reviews, audits and health checks on all aspects of a Risk function including resourcing, frameworks and all other activities such as reporting processes
  • Selection and implementation of GRC applications
  • Provision of Risk Management training to Control Owners, Risk Owners, C-Suite and NEDs


We provide clients with advisory and support services on issues related to corporate governance and company secretarial services. Our services span a broad spectrum of core corporate governance and company secretarial responsibilities as well as the providing advisory and resourcing support to clients dealing with infrequent, complex or unplanned governance and company secretarial issues. Read more...

ICSR has considerable practical experience in, and can assist with, various governance and company secretarial matters such as:

  • Corporate governance structure/framework development and review
  • Regular/ad-hoc Board and Committee effectiveness reviews (evaluations)
  • Review of compliance with corporate governance standards – FRC, PRA, FCA, Lloyd’s
  • Board member training – induction/on-boarding or updates
  • Remediation of Governance following S.166 or Lloyd’s review
  • Board and Committee preparation and administration reviews
  • Reviewing independence and effectiveness of the Key Control Functions (e.g. Internal Audit, Risk, Actuarial and Compliance), considering their planning, reporting and oversight arrangements
  • Reviewing governance and oversight of Conduct Risk and Product Development and distribution including Outsourcing arrangements
  • Solvency II System of Governance reviews
  • Review governance approach and how it leads to the intended culture within the organisation
  • Succession planning
  • Advice on compliance with FCA/PRA SM&CR requirements
  • Advice on, or review of, adjustments to corporate governance arrangements in light of corporate reorganisations or transformational programmes (e.g. Brexit)
  • Provision of Company Secretarial services including:
    • Annual Board and Committee effectiveness reviews (evaluations)
    • Preparation and review of terms of reference and schedules of matters reserved for Board, Governance Manuals,
    • Maintenance of conflicts of interest registers, statutory registers and SM&CR documentation including Responsibilities Maps
    • Companies House filings
    • Annual Board and Committee planning
    • Preparation for Board and Committee meetings including scheduling, preparation and circulation of packs
    • Meeting minute and resolution taking and finalisation
    • Follow up on meetings including action item follow-up
    • Outsourced and co-sourced company secretarial services


Our claims expertise spans UK and International markets, supporting clients looking to improve operational efficiency and controls or deal with unplanned events impacting normal customer service standards. Our team has experience dealing with claims related issues in flourishing and distressed businesses. Read more…

ICSR has considerable practical experience in, and can assist with, various claims-related matters such as:

  • Governance, procedures and protocols
  • Developing claims management operational frameworks, that support operational efficiencies, systems and controls
  • Improving technology and processes to drive a better customer experience while creating scalability, standardisation and simplification
  • Introducing the latest Data Analytics technology to drive claims excellence across the claims lifecycle
  • Health checks including resourcing, frameworks and reporting capabilities
  • Resource provision
  • Merger facilitation
  • Run-off planning and implementation


We have skilled and experienced internal audit individuals capable of helping clients manage the development, implementation and review of their audit frameworks as well as supporting clients with short-term resource requirements from unplanned internal audit projects. Read more….

ICSR has considerable practical experience in, and can assist with, various internal audit matters such as:

  • Internal Audit framework development and review, including Solvency II where relevant
  • Reviews, audits and health checks on all aspects of an Internal Audit function including resourcing, frameworks and all other activities such as audit scoping and reporting
  • Co-sourcing and outsourcing of audit function activities


Operational resilience, efficiency and excellence is at the core of the services which we offer our insurance clients with our experienced individuals bringing a real depth of experience developing, implementing and assessing operational models from across a broad range of businesses in the insurance sector and from wider financial services backgrounds. Read more…

ICSR has considerable practical experience in, and can assist with, various operations matters such as:

  • Operational Resilience assessments and framework development
  • Development, review and implementation of operating models including controls to create greater efficiency and better controls for
    • Finance
    • Underwriting
    • Actuarial
    • Broking
    • Claims
    • Fulfilment and other client servicing
    • Complaints
    • Compliance, risk and internal audit functions
  • Outsourcing arrangements including framework and oversight
  • Procurement services including preparation for bid tendering, tender review and evaluation, preferred bidder interviews and contract management



Firms are unable to operate efficiently and effectively without good technology and we offer our clients considerable expertise and support in issues relating to IT. Our consultants have significant experience scoping, implementing and remediating large-scale IT projects across a range of financial services organisations utilising many of the typical platforms currently in use. Read more...

ICSR has considerable practical experience in, and can assist with, various IT matters such as:

  • Architecture, design, construction and integration of systems to create better and more efficient solutions for insurers, brokers and MGAs
  • Data migrations and conversions
  • Modernisation and automation of IT estates including application integration and remediation
  • Introduction of cloud-based solutions to support a simpler and more current infrastructure
  • CISO support: IT security Frameworks to support organisational resilience
  • UAT Testing and cost controlling transformation management projects
  • System selection, build and vendor management for outsourcing arrangements


Transformation, programme and project management is at the core of the services which we offer. The ability to effectively implement programmes of transformation is key in an environment which is constantly changing. Our consultants help firms achieve their goals in a planned, timely and cost-effective manner. Read more...

ICSR has considerable practical experience in, and can assist with, various transformation and programme management matters such as:

  • Scoping and manging transformation projects covering end to end all aspects for Insurers, Managing Agents, Brokers or MGAs utilising subject matter expertise and programme management resources including:
    • Mergers, Acquisitions and reorganisations
    • Regulatory change projects brought about by new or changes to regulations
    • 166 Reviews and Lloyd’s reviews
    • Remediation and restitution following review
    • GDPR, Solvency II including IMAP and IDD implementation
    • Internal control reviews
    • New target operating models
    • Operational efficiency
    • IT transformation
    • Cultural change
  • Development and management of costings for transformation programmes
  • Stakeholder management
  • Workshop management
  • Management of transformation programmes including reporting into steering group or the firm’s governance structure
  • Review and audit of outcomes for stages and completion and lessons learned


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