From time to time we work with third parties who provide complementary or supporting services. We have arrangements with these third parties for income sharing in appropriate circumstances. The details of the people we share expertise with are set out below.


VisRisk provides product manufacturers with a value-added and cost-effective end-to-end solution to manage Fair Value Assessments. The toolkit allows manufacturers to share information across large and complex distribnution chains, provinding a high degree of automation across the subsequent processes of gathering responses, assessing the data provided and reporting on the information, all in a format that makes meeting the FCA requirements on Fair Value Assessments a much-simplified process.

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Actus Comply has been custom-built to meet the FCA requirements for SM&CR which are being extended to all Financial Services Firms. Senior managers who fall under this highly regulated regime are particularly keen to have reliable assurance in place because this regulatory change has shifted emphasis from the firm to the individual, meaning that they could be held personally liable for breaches. Actus Comply provides the perfect solution for firms under the new regime as a standalone module or as end-to-end Compliance and Performance Management Software.

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RiskScreen is an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Screening & Client Lifecycle Risk Management Technology solution from ICSR collaborator KYC Global.

RiskScreen integrates the world’s most comprehensive Dow Jones global AML data (sanctions & watch lists, PEPs database) with an advanced live adverse media search engine, plus deep web sources for advanced investigatory analysis.
ICSR has developed a strategic working relationship with KYC Global that helps clients implement and integrate the most appropriate RiskScreen solution as part of their wider approach to governance, risk management and compliance.

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