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Our IT team provide support to firms with scoping, implementing and remediating IT projects for Brokers, MGAs, Insurers and Lloyd’s Syndicates.

Overview of IT Services

Firms are unable to operate efficiently and effectively without good technology and we offer our clients considerable expertise and support in issues relating to IT and the related change programmes that come with that investment. Our consultants have significant experience scoping, implementing and remediating IT projects across a range of insurance organisations utilising many of the typical platforms currently in use.

London market businesses – insurers, brokers and Lloyd’s syndicates – are facing significant change to their operating models as changes to the IT platforms supporting the transaction and claims payment for risks placed in London are upgraded. It is an area where we have individuals with very specific knowledge and expertise able to assist clients.

What We Do

ICSR has considerable practical experience in, and can assist with, various IT matters such as:

  • Architecture, design, construction and integration of systems to create better and more efficient solutions for insurers, brokers and MGAs;
  • Assisting London Market insurance firms understanding and respond to the significant changes in the way business will be transacted as a consequence of the ‘Blueprint 2’ reforms;
  • Support for InsurTech businesses with their development and growth;
  • Data migrations and conversions;
  • Modernisation and automation of IT estates including application integration and remediation;
  • Introduction of cloud-based solutions to support a simpler and more current infrastructure;
  • CISO support: IT security Frameworks to support organisational resilience;
  • UAT Testing and cost controlling transformation management projects;
  • System selection, build and vendor management for outsourcing arrangements.
  • Providing resources to support IT change programmes, including IT specialists, project managers business analysts with specific experience in the insurance market.

Key Contacts:

If you would like to know more about the way we could help your firm, please speak with one of our IT specialists.

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