Case Study review complaints procedures

Review Of Complaints Procedures For International Insurer

The Client’s Needs

The client is an international insurer and MGU supporting MGAs with capacity. Its complaints process needed to recognise the tri-partite relationship that end customers have with both the MGA and itself as the ultimate risk carrier. It required a review of their complaints procedures to ensure they were continuing to operate in the best interests of all parties and in line with the regulatory requirements across the UK and EU.

ICSR was engaged to assist.

ICSR’s Solution

ICSR undertook the following:

  • A full review of the existing complaints processes for all countries;
  • Analysis of the complaints data;
  • A full review of the complaints policy;
  • A full review of the clients training module to update it.

Resources Deployed

A member of the Talent Pool with specialist experience in international complaints frameworks was deployed with a director of ICSR providing oversight and control.

Client Outcome

ICSR was able to provide the client with a set of assurances and recommendations about their complaints processes and policies.

Advisory & Resourcing

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