Supporting client with Due Diligence Work for Private Equity Backed M&A Activity

The Client’s Needs

The client, an acquisitive UK-based broking group backed by Private Equity were revisiting the panel they wanted to use for due diligence on target companies. They asked ICSR to join the panel to utilise their experience on Compliance, Risk and Governance.

ICSR’s Solution

As a member of the Group’s due diligence panel ICSR has worked on a number of transactions providing reports on the compliance, risk and governance aspects of target firms working collaboratively with a number of other members of the Due Diligence panel.

Resources Deployed

ICSR has deployed a team of individuals experienced in risk, control and compliance.

Client Outcome

The client has completed several acquisitions where ICSR have assisted with the due diligence exercises.

Advisory & Resourcing

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